Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sacrifices for a friend

I had a friend in crisis...here's the note I sent to her: I take my role as comforter so seriously that right this moment I'm stuffing my face with Hershey Almond miniatures just so you can have a good day! Oh! The sacrifices I make! (ok, the "draping" stuff is a lie....this chubby-bubby-body DOESN'T drape!!) If I have to eat this whole bag so that your day can be just a little more jolly, I'm willing to do that!! I'll go that extra Hershey Almond miniature bar, or 5 for you....that's just the kind of friend that I am!! I'm there for you.....hold on....need to wipe the chocolate off from around my mouth....ok....like I was saying I'll do my part to make your world a better place! This world will be free from bad days....or my name isn't Gracie Lou Freebush!! Wait....my name isn't....well, that's beside the point! I won't be distracted from my mission.....ow! got an almond stuck in my gums....well, no pain, no gain! So, anyways.....wait! now I need something salty....hmmmmm....trail mix is salty AND it has chocolate in it!! YAY!! My philanthropy work continues! I'm just such a giver! Better be careful or I might pull something patting myself on the back...I think I'll just pat my knee....OW!! wrong knee...that's the one I hurt when I fell down the stairs on Tgiving...ok...patting other knee, that's much better. Ok....need to stop typing so that I can use both hands administering the chocolate! You should be feeling great in a couple of hours. I'll gorge myself with chocolate until either you're feeling better or I have lost all feeling in my lower extremities.....whichever comes first.

Nun Beef

I just thought about a beef I have with nuns. Ok....they dedicate themselves to a life of humility, poverty, modesty, masturbation, etc.....so, why do they draw attention to themselves when they go out in their full costume? In my opinion true humilty would be going out in sweats, or jeans and a T-shirt...not in some get-up that screams "HEY LOOK AT ME!! I'M A NUN!!" It's not like they have to dress that way so that in case we sin while we're out in public we can approach them and confess.....the priests take care of that job, right? I just don't see the humility in that get-up. Now, this is a rhetorical question....just so ya don't think that I'm clueless when it comes to Catholicism. I'm very familiar with Catholicism....I've seen many different factions. I'm not wanting a lecture on this....it's just a beef I've always had with nuns.

Strong enough for a man, made for a woman! Posted by Hello

Quiet attempts = cacophony of sound

I am cursed. Whenever I try to be quiet I succeed in making more noise than a herd of stampeding centipedes! Of course, the centipedes are the size of PT Cruisers and they are wearing tap shoes. You would think that I would learn: when I need to be quiet DON'T try to be quiet. Travelling that line of logic would lead me to believe that I would then succeed at being quiet....but, no. Because I know that I am trying not to be quiet cuz I need to be quiet, therefore, I am anything but quiet! I'm giving myself a headache, I better be quiet.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Mentally Impacted

Hi!  I'm Kat, aka: Pryncess Kat.  I have just recently discovered
the wonderful world of blogging. There have been more
times than I can count (I usually stop counting around
55) that I have had a very deep,
this-is-gonna-change-life-as-I-know-it thought and no
one to share it with! Actually what happens more
often than that...again, I stopped at 55....is I'll
have a thought that cracks me up and I'll be laughing
too hard to be able to tell it to anyone. When I can
finally form intelligible words again, I usually just
get a blank stare anyway. I'm one of around 4 or 5
that thinks I'm a royal hoot.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. I can
share my thoughts and "hoots" which should improve my
memory. My theory is that my memory has gotten worse
with age because there are too many thoughts being
held in. I'm mentally impacted! So, I've dived
headlong into the blogging world.

Watch out...it could turn into a belly-flop at any moment!

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