Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've been thinking.....

Life is perceptions & opinions based on perceptions. That's my opinion. Facts can be presented to 2 people. For example a baby has been born with 2 faces on one little head. Here in America the baby at birth would have been kept in the hospital, x-rayed, poked, prodded, scrutinized by every specialist & labeled a freak with years of surgery in her future. But, in India where she was born, she's a goddess. A beautiful baby with 2 faces & no surgeries in her future. Makes me wonder if all of our scientific & technological advances have removed the human factor....who knows, maybe she is a goddess. Maybe we have goddesses born into our society every day and we never see them because they don't fit the mold. They don't match our standards for beauty and normalcy. Is surgery to attain normalcy a human right?

Over 400 women and children have been removed from a compound where there lives have been controlled by fear and abuse. This makes me sick to my stomach. We were aghast at the German townspeople near concentration camps....how could they sit back and do nothing? Now we have our own modern-day holocaust, right here in the good ol' USA. Right in the President's backyard! Doesn't he still claim to be from Texas? I am in no way saying the fault lies with the President, or even the government....in fact, I have no clue who's ultimately responsible for breeding & raising girls for a life of molestation, rape & abuse. My heart is so heavy for each and every woman & child. Everything they were raised to believe as truth....their foundations....the core of their beliefs.....shattered.

When my family and I returned from our years in the Philippines as missionaries I experienced life-threatening culture shock. Living in the Philippines and the years leading up to our moving there I was in a sheltered society. Nothing close to these women and children...but, to this day I'm still asked if I came from underneath a rock or if I was raised in a cave....my points of reference and my childhood memories were completely foreign to those I went to high school with here in the States. I was 16 when we returned to the States....I went from a sheltered Christian High School & home....to a world I couldn't comprehend. Swiftly I descended into a bottomless depression....I became suicidal. My mind & emotions could not catch up to all the changes.

The culture shock for these women....unimaginable....similar to taking a tribal person out of their village and plunking them down in the middle of Times Square. I wish there was something I could do....I hate feeling helpless.


Blogger Burfica declared....

Hi kat, I've been away, busy with moving. I'm back now.

You know that flds church with the women and children.

They were in a little town just north of me, and they evacuated, cuz people were getting arrested and stuff. Their so called "profit/leader" is in prison.

Did you also know that the families with multiple wives, well they can keep the oldest one or two boys but the rest get kicked out on their ears at the age of 12. To be homeless. Cuz that's to much competition for the women.

They are called "the lost boys" there is a big todo about them.

5/09/2008 9:54 AM  
Blogger Alekx declared....

Having lived around a plygimist community and am very good friends with one of the oldest sons (we were born on the same day)
I hope they take time to help these women and children intregrate into society, and keep the children out of that life. The women have the choice to go back but keep the kids away from the abuse

5/23/2008 10:56 AM  

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