Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sacrifices for a friend

I had a friend in crisis...here's the note I sent to her: I take my role as comforter so seriously that right this moment I'm stuffing my face with Hershey Almond miniatures just so you can have a good day! Oh! The sacrifices I make! (ok, the "draping" stuff is a lie....this chubby-bubby-body DOESN'T drape!!) If I have to eat this whole bag so that your day can be just a little more jolly, I'm willing to do that!! I'll go that extra Hershey Almond miniature bar, or 5 for you....that's just the kind of friend that I am!! I'm there for you.....hold on....need to wipe the chocolate off from around my mouth....ok....like I was saying I'll do my part to make your world a better place! This world will be free from bad days....or my name isn't Gracie Lou Freebush!! Wait....my name isn't....well, that's beside the point! I won't be distracted from my mission.....ow! got an almond stuck in my gums....well, no pain, no gain! So, anyways.....wait! now I need something salty....hmmmmm....trail mix is salty AND it has chocolate in it!! YAY!! My philanthropy work continues! I'm just such a giver! Better be careful or I might pull something patting myself on the back...I think I'll just pat my knee....OW!! wrong knee...that's the one I hurt when I fell down the stairs on Tgiving...ok...patting other knee, that's much better. Ok....need to stop typing so that I can use both hands administering the chocolate! You should be feeling great in a couple of hours. I'll gorge myself with chocolate until either you're feeling better or I have lost all feeling in my lower extremities.....whichever comes first.


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