Thursday, September 25, 2008

British Invasion?!?

I'm getting very confused....when did the British win the war? Which war did they win? Did I miss the memo?!?!?

The reason I ask is because American Idol has a Brit on the judging panel....I never have understood why a Brit has anything to do with judging AMERICAN Idol. I don't care that the show originated in England....is there an American judge on their Pop Idol show?!? Are there no assholes in America that can do what Simon Cowell does?

Then there's America's Got Talent....that has 2 Brits and one Hoff (who is HUGE in Germany. But his career in America is basically dead, brain dead & on life support from what I hear). But, back to the 2 Brits.....why are the British deciding who has talent in AMERICA?!? See why I'm confused? Then today I read that Ricky Gervais...another guy from the other side of the pond...is being considered as host of this year's Oscars! What's up with that?!? Are we running out of American talent? Is there absolutely NO ONE from America capable of hosting the Oscars?

Where's Paul Revere when we need him?

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