Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

One of my new favorite shows has been canceled....I LOVE Lipstick Jungle!! I am in mourning! In a conversation with Butchy the other day I told her that the problem with the show is that it's on the wrong network. It should have been on ABC. It's too hip and female-oriented for NBC. NBC is for boring guy shows....I mean look at their piece of crap Knight Rider. I watched the first episode of that crap show and couldn't even begin to think about watching another one....it reminded me of Pamela Anderson's VIP show. It is so obviously filmed in Canada and the script is horrible! They have awesome toys and technology.....but there's no substance. I was hoping for edgy and got soft and soggy. YUCK!

I digress....I want my Lipstick Jungle!!! I love the characters and want to know more about them! They are like a book that I don't want to put down....what happens next? Will Victory "woman up" and tell Joe she loves him? Will Wendy start her own company or accept the job offer from Nico's friend? Will Nico figure out what her issue with Kirby is? They better not leave us hanging!

How does a gal go about protesting this cancellation? I wanna write a letter of complaint to someone....who would that be?

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