Saturday, May 21, 2005

The King is Coming!!!

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We're going!!! The production will be in town from Oct 27th to early Dec. For the first time in my 38 years I spent the night standing in line for tickets. What an adventure!

We (Butchy & I) arrived at the Spokane Arena around 3 AM...that's right, A-frickin'-M!!! Initially we went to the wrong door. We went to the Ticket Office, they had signs on the window that indicated we were s'posed to be at the Upper Box Office.....we wondered where everyone was. We couldn't be the first people in line....we weren't. When we went around the building to the Upper Box Office there was a bunch of people sitting on lawn chairs all bundled up in heavy blankets. It was sooooo cold! (low to mid 40's)

Butchy & I were numbers 44 & 45....they gave us wrist bands for some unknown reason. They never even looked at them after they gave them to us! The first 100 were getting either a free T-shirt or a free CD....we figured the wrist bands would have something to do with the freebies...nope...noone ever looked at them! Weird.

Around 5 AM two Hummers pulled up and started giving everyone free coffee. Too bad I'm not a coffee drinker....I was frozen to the concrete. Not literally....my bum was numb, it felt like my bum had abandoned ship. I shiver just thinking about how cold I was. Being the genius that I am, I wore 2 heavy shirts and a jacket with sandals to complete my winter ensemble. Are you dazzled by my brilliance? My toes HATE me! What a dumb-dumb. My name is Kat and I'm an idiot!

6 A-frickin'-M, after a stupid way-too-happy countdown by a local radio station, we were directed to which window we were to buy our tickets from. We had gotten $ & "orders" from friends so Butchy & I went up to the window seperately. I bought six and she followed behind to buy 3 more. We got awesome seats....dead center! We wanted to attend on the first Sun after opening day and that's what we got! We wanted the "cheap seats" and that's what we got! There are NO bad seats in the Spokane Opera House...I've seen zillions of "stuff" there and it really doesn't matter where you sit! All I knew is I wanted to be "dead center" and to not be too close to the stage. From what I've seen in previews of the show and heard there's quite a bit to see in this show. We're gonna borrow Jayj's binoculars, in case we want to see somethin' really close up. Here's our view of the stage:
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A couple of days ago I was talking to Butchy's Mom and telling her how much I wanted to see the show. We had no clue how much tickets would cost...but, we were gonna do what we could so that we could go. B's Mom, my Mom-in-Love, responded that she wanted to see it so bad she'd trade her left tit! That must mean she REALLY wants to see it! LMAO As a surprise we bought MiL 2 tickets. She can keep her left tit...we have plenty.

It was around 6:15 am when we finally had our tickets in our chubby-bubby hands. We had gotten a free T-shirt and a free CD since B & I went through the line separately. We decided to give MiL the T, since it wouldn't fit my right thigh! I wrapped her tickets up in the T. After a very short discussion, we headed up to her house to wake her ass up and surprise the hell out of her.

Knowing that B's step-dad, my Dad-in-Love, wouldn't be too thrilled with being awakened before 7 on a Sat we stopped by Yoke's and bought donuts. When we got up to their house it didn't look like they were up and about, yet....therefore we knew that we must bang the hell out of their bedroom window! It makes sense, right? Turned out they were awake and starting to get their groove on...it's a good thing we were there to stop such debauchery!

We told them about how we had stayed up all night to get tickets. We told Mom how proud we are of her commitment to her diet and the 30 lbs that she's lost so far and we wanted her to have the T-shirt. She fell apart! She started crying...almost to the point of sobbing. It meant so much to her! Once she had calmed down enough, I said that I wanted to make sure the T would fit her and she should take a look at it. She unfolded the T by holding it up in front of her. I saw the tickets fall to the floor, she didn't. I simply said, "Mom." It was at that moment they caught her eye. She fell completely apart. We have never seen her like that before.....she's one of those gentle spirits that cries easily. If something touches her heart, in any way, she'll tear up. We call them her "moments." Today MiL had a MAJOR moment! Butchy started worrying about her it went on so long. She was finally able to take a breath....good thing, too! We didn't want to have to explain to the paramedics that she was unconscious because of The Lion King!

As we were leaving Dad was talking to their neighbor over the backyard fence....Mom excitedly exclaimed to him, "I'm going to The Lion King!!" She held her arms out so that he could admire her T, she had to put it on immediately, of course! We made her year.

On the way home we had some excitement. We came VERY CLOSE to being hit by a truck. Maybe it should have hit us, I need a new car! But, it didn't....we're alive and whiplash-free. Just a couple of minutes later we had turned onto a different street, there were sirens blaring from every direction. We saw a cop car stop at the intersection we were headed towards, but there was no accident.....seconds later this primer-painted Corvette came barreling through the intersection and flipped a wheel-screeching tire-smoking bitch....the cops had him trapped. They approached the car with guns drawn....we were in a flippin' Cops episode! Bad boys, bad boys.....

Talk about one eventful night! I need to get out more, it's not good for my heart to shove so much drama in just one night.


Blogger SeniorGato declared....

Oh wow. I always wanted to go see that. Usually it gets pushed to the back of our vacations and such.
Btw, thats why I havn't dropped by in a while. I just got back from Vegas :) I swear, them holdem players are suckers :)

5/22/2005 11:41 AM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

wow a cops episode. how cool is that. hehehehee

Are you toes still mad at you???

I wanna see that too, but the closest city that would have it, is over 5 hours away. I don't think so. LOL

5/23/2005 10:41 AM  
Blogger Helen declared....

I lived in Manhattan for 7 years and never did get tickets for that one. Probably because we always went to Tix, Tix, Tix and got same day tickets for 1/2 price. I did see some great ones, though. 42nd St, Cabaret, Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, Chicago and a few dozen more so no complaints!
Enjoy the show!

5/23/2005 4:16 PM  
Blogger Alekx declared....

It rocks to get in the middle of a cops episode. However every time that happens to me I'm usually the one that has the gun holding the bad guy until the guys with uniforms arrive.

It's a long story..I'll have to tell it sometime.

That and the time a put a Lt. Colonal in the dirt at gun point. That one was fun.

5/23/2005 9:27 PM  
Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement declared....

Cooool Have fun!!!!!!!!!

5/25/2005 7:24 AM  

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