Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amazing Race & Chewed Fingers

:::sigh::: Amazing Race 7 has come to an end. I'm happy and sad all at the same time. Wisely, I made sure not to eat while watching the finale (check out burp to find out why). What I should have done is chewed gum....instead I chewed my fingernails down to the quick. If the show had gone on any longer I would've been heading for the toenails!

We are sooooo happy for Uchenna & Joyce! They are one of those rare TV reality show winners that actually deserve to win. The integrity that they showed throughout the race....amazing. Their actions made this race truly amazing. When Uchenna refused to cross the finish line until the cab driver was "taken care of"......I'm in awe of him. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe what a man of honor Uchenna is. Joyce showed her true colors, too. She is as honorable & deserving of their win as Uchenna is. They are the perfect team. There will be showers of blessings flowing over them....it's edifying to know that they will appreciate and be grateful for each and every blessing that comes their way. Now.....lets send lots of positive thoughts & pregnant prayers their way....the child that enters their life will be one very blessed baby!


Blogger Kim declared....

uhmmmmmmmmm, well.... I have never watched that show and don't know those people and I don't pray........so I guess I'll just say Hi. Hi Kat.

5/11/2005 10:42 AM  
Blogger Butchy declared....

But Kim, you could always just send good thoughts or good energy, if you are into that, and if not, well then, I guess I'll just say hi, too! Hi, Kim!

5/11/2005 10:45 AM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

I didn't like them the first couple episodes. Cuz Joyce acted like she deserved better than her hubby, but then I watched them grow closer. And what I really really liked is they never once fought. And they didn't do rude backstabbing things to other contestants.

I kid you not if those butt fuck's rob and amber won I would have boycotted the amazing race from here on out.

And I wanna meet Kelly and flippin bitch slap her for her comment that her boyfriend got out of the military (cuz he is affraid of commitment) by "choosing" to be a POW!!!! Will somebody just shoot her and end the stupidity??
Okay I could rant forever about that one comment, but I won't. Now on to survivor and the finale on sunday ahhhhhhhhhh

5/11/2005 5:28 PM  

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