Sunday, August 14, 2005

Feeling Informational

I don't usually give a rat's ass about such things....but....I'm making an exception to my rat's ass rule.

Let me introduce you to mobiBlu...any ideas about what it is? Rather than do something irritating, like not telling you and making you guess...I'm just gonna come right out and tell you what this little 1 inch wonder is.

mobiBlue is an mp3 player! It holds 1 gig! For those that may not know a gig from a jig....a gig is approximately 10 hours of music! That's right, I said 10 hours!!

Not only is this little guy cute as a ladybug....it's pretty cheap, too! ($129.72) You don't even have to take a long ass trip to Japan/Taiwan/China/etc to buy it....just take a leisurely stroll down to your local Wal*Mart. Yep....WAL*MART!! If your W*M doesn't carry it, there's some links in this here informational post to W*M's website. I'm sure they have plenty available there!
That takes care of my public service announcement for the month. I'm feeling so informational that I'm just gonna keep on giving it out.....I'm gonna eat some cake. Once the cake is nothing but a distant memory, I'm going to move my chubby-bubby butt over to the bed....take my na-night pills....play with Baby Boy....read some Harry Potter.....I may even use the potty.....then I'm going to sleep.

Anything else inquiring minds need to know?


Blogger Queenie declared....

Oh CRAP, now I HAV to get one of those...That's pretty cool!

8/14/2005 9:30 AM  
Blogger ~Dawn declared....

It looks like something I will lose out of my pocket.

8/14/2005 3:10 PM  
Blogger Queen of Ass declared....

I think. Maybe? You just cussed. A few times. In one post! YAYYYY YOU!

8/15/2005 10:44 AM  

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