Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mama's Loving It!

I've come to a realization that my blog is pretty fluffy. I may share a irk, or 4...but, on the whole, my blog isn't really that informative when it comes to me. There aren't any interesting kid stories....probably cuz I don't have any interesting kids....or any kids at all, for that matter. My fuzzy kids have their own blog....so, I don't even have very many interesting kitty stories.

Day in and day out I ponder....I then subject all of you to reading my ponderings. Yes, y'all know about my new job....and about how much I love the company I'm working for. I still don't feel like I'm working....actually, I feel like I'm in school and getting paid to go! Oh yeah...it rocks! I know, I also subject y'all to my bunny-trails.....but, it's my blog and I'll hop down those trails as often as I desire....in truth: I have no control over it...I have issues, remember!?!

ANYWAY....I was reading someone's blog about how they ate at McDonald's. That got me to pondering.....it doesn't take much! My respect for Mickey D's has grown, and it has NOTHING to do with their food.

Mickey D's treats my Mama like the incredible woman that she is. Treat my Mama nice and I'll be your friend for life. My Mama is a hostess at Mickey D's. She loves her job and they treat her very well. My Mama is absolutely PERFECT for this job.....she has 2 passions in life (she actually has more than 2, but only 2 apply to this story).....Mama's 2 passions are visiting & puttering. She loves people. She's not a people person, per se. She's a people lover....she truly loves people. People are drawn to her because of the love that oozes out of her every pore. Even those really hard to love people find themselves softening around her. She is love incarnate. Paying her to visit is as crazy as paying me to eat chocolate...it's just not sane. But, they do...they pay her to visit...and not just visit...but to putter, too!

My Mama is the Putter Queen....she has to get up hours and hours before going anywhere simply because of her passion for puttering. Let me take you inside Mama's morning routine:
First stop...potty.
While using the potty she sees the toilet paper roll is getting low....a roll must be retrieved from the guest bathroom.
She finishes going potty and heads to the guest bathroom to get another roll of tp....
On the way to the guest bathroom she sees that Daddy left his shoes in front of his recliner
Picking up his shoes she takes them into the guest bedroom where Daddy keeps all his chaplain clothes (he goes on middle of the night calls. So that he doesn't wake Mama he dresses in the guest room)
In the guestroom she sees Daddy has left dirty socks & other items that need to be washed
Shoes are placed in their appropriate spot
Laundry is gathered and taken to the laundry room
In the laundry room she sees she now has enough for a full load and starts a load of laundry
Towels left in the dryer overnight are folded
Towels are taken to their cupboard in the bathroom....her bathroom....
Entering the bathroom she sees water spots on the mirror
Depositing the towels into their cupboard, Mama heads to the kitchen to get the glass cleaner
Daddy has left dishes in the sink without rinsing them
Mama washes up Daddy's dishes, realizes she's still in her nightgown, heads into the bedroom to get dressed
Daddy's sleeping so she takes her clothes into the bathroom so that she doesn't disturb him
Pulling her shirt over her head she sees the water spots on the mirror....again
Dressed she heads to the kitchen for the glass cleaner
While in the kitchen she gets breakfast started
Daddy gets up...does his potty thing...gets dressed....comes into the kitchen and pulls a coffee cup out of the cupboard...the phone rings, he goes to answer it
Mama sees a cup on the counter and puts it away
She miraculously remembers the glass cleaner and heads into the bathroom
Mirror sparkling, she returns the glass cleaner to the kitchen (I never understood why she didn't just keep it in the bathroom...it's the only room she uses it in on a regular basis!)
Daddy's off the phone and looking for the cup that he's positive he pulled out of the cupboard
Mama has forgotten about the cup and doesn't know what he's talking about
Daddy pulls down another cup and pours his morning coffee
Mama and Daddy sit down for breakfast
Mama forgot her tea....as she's preparing her tea she sees water on the counter and wipes that up before sitting back down at the table
Daddy gets up for a glass of milk
Mama removes his plate and rinses what's left on it into the garbage disposal
Daddy wasn't done eating.....he is now, though
Breakfast dishes washed she heads into the bathroom to "put on her face" and do her hair
While in the bathroom she needs to use the potty
Notices the tp roll is getting low.......

You get the picture.....

There's a saying floating around the universe that states: "Get a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life" This fits my Mama's job at McD's. Visiting, puttering, cleaning, handing out free little ice cream cones.....Mama's loving it!


Blogger Queen of Ass declared....

Your mom sounds like mine. Only with mine, you've got to add the bitterness about life + hate of all men.

Yep...there ya go.

8/11/2005 2:28 PM  
Blogger cali declared....

Yo Mama ROCKS! And i mean that in the nicest possible way you can think of.

8/11/2005 10:39 PM  
Blogger Alekx declared....

what a great comment. I too am a putter and love it. I get alot done during the day but usually not anything I meant to get done.

8/12/2005 2:28 AM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

my husband does something similiar to that, but we don't call him a putter. He gets side tracked. Like I will ask him to clean off the table, he will pick up one thing, walk it into the bedroom to put on his dresser. Notice how messy his dresser is, and will grab a tool that was left on his dresser, walk it out to the shed to put in tool box. Notice the shed is messy. Pick up rake to move it, and start raking yard. Notice kiddo's toy in his path, pick it up, bring it inside, go to kiddo's room to put it away. Notice water bottle on kiddo's night stand, pick it up, wander into kitchen to put away. Notice food. Sits down to eat. 4 hours later I'm screaming at him about the table. And he's exhausted, but didn't do a dam thing.

8/12/2005 10:14 AM  

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