Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pee-pee Dance

If it wasn't for the pee-pee dance I'd get no exercise at all! Nothing's funnier than watching someone doing the pee-pee dance and trying to pretend that they aren't. "Yeah, I'm convinced, that's how you ALWAYS walk! You aren't fooling me!" Women can get pretty creative with their dance moves.....are you having an epileptic seizure that makes you look like you have cerebral palsy, or are you just really happy to be standing in line for the potty? Dancing to the beat of a piddly-drummer? Trust me, if it wasn't a huge faux pas there's been many a time that I would of just hiked my chubby-bubby-butt onto the sink and let the river flow.....

Men are lucky in this department, if there isn't a tree for them to water and they have to actually wait to pee.....a rubberband and some pocket pool and their problem is solved. Bastards! PLUS...more than one man can use a urinal
at the same time....they probably don't enjoy sharing....BUT THEY COULD!!!!

Peeing has been on my mind a lot lately.....I should quit using the potty as my place to come up with ideas for posts. That makes sense.


Blogger Autumn Storm declared....

Yep, it's totally unfair that all men have to do is whip it out of their zip. It's not wonder there is always a queue at the ladies, as we not only have to remove our undergarments, but we also wash our hands, when finished...and that bloody blow-drier contraption takes forever...the only reason, I do not flip and use disposable towels is, it's a small deed towards protecting the environment.
Another thing about men and their willies is, they have that whole territorial, neandathal thing going on...I used to date a guy, who would water the lawn from the front porch, staking his territory(sp.chk).
My mum does the absolute best pee-dance ever...she crosses her legs, does a 65 degree bend and bops her bottom up and down. It's a sight!

4/26/2005 6:14 AM  
Blogger Kim declared....

oh wow, imagine my surprise when I discovered that "pee-pee dance" actually had to do with having to pee and WASN'T all about that stupid thing guys do when they are naked and have an audience! (I've seen some make it twirl..) I feel so silly now.

4/26/2005 7:08 AM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

Well heck I think the pee pee dance is better than grabbing yourslef between the legs and singing. hehehehe

Autumn I wold love to see your mom's dance, that just cracks me the hell up.

4/26/2005 4:58 PM  
Blogger Alekx declared....

When I'm to the point of the pee pee dance and there is a wait in the ladies room..I go over to the mens room to their lone stall...
You should see the looks I get

4/26/2005 9:31 PM  
Blogger mcgibfried declared....

i sit near the restrooms at work.. so i get to see all the funny dances on the way to the pisser! i love it.

4/26/2005 11:51 PM  

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