Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bitch-Slapping Britney

Cranky? Me? What's it to you? Mind your business! I'm not a violent person. I'm, also, not the quiet person living next door that turns out to be a serial rapist/killer. I don't need violence....I "use my words." I'm not a name caller, nor do I yell crazy shit when I'm pissed. I'm more controlled when I'm angry than I am when I'm happy. It used to be if I was talking quietly, WATCH OUT!!!! Not that I was going to do anything crazy or violent....I was just gonna let you know in a very clear and concise manner EXACTLY what you said or did to bring on the Wrath of Kat. Today I'm feeling very cranky and maybe even a little violent. I just wanna bitch-slap the hell out of someone.....I'm thinking Britney Spears would be a good candidate. She needs some serious bitch-slapping! That girl is just stupid. S T O O P I D!!! No, she hasn't done anything new. She's just living her white trash life with her white trash wanna-be hip 'n' cool Johnny Appleseed....spreadin' his seed all over the dumpster!... Now she's been knocked up by Johnny and so she's chained to the loser for the REST OF HER LIFE!!! That to me is the epitome of stupidity! I just wanna slap some sense into her senseless head. She doesn't have the common sense God gave a goose!

See, it's easier for me to vent my frustrations on someone I've never met and will never meet than to deal with the shit pile that is my life. I'm usually a pretty even keeled positive person. I don't get my knickers in a knot very easily. But, when the shit gets too high for me to see over it.......I want to bitch-slap Britney! It makes sense in my head.

Where are my happy pills? Wonder if you can o.d. on peanut m&m's?


Blogger Queenie declared....

Wooooooo there. Breathe, girl, breathe! That was, truly, one of the best stream-of-consciousness craziness moments I've seen in a while. But now? Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe.

4/19/2005 7:33 AM  
Blogger dwhit declared....

Chained to him for the rest of her life? Please. They'll be entering Splitsville USA in under 12 months, guarenteed. At which point she'll be paying him 4 mil because even though he signed a prenup, she was stupid enough to buy an 8 million dollar house with him. GOOD MOVE!

4/19/2005 4:33 PM  
Blogger Pryncess Kat declared....

Clarification for dwhit...being chained to someone doesn't always mean being married to someone. We can be chained to people that we've never married....std's, children, AIDS....they are all titanium chains. Loser Boy is going to be in Brit's life...FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!!! Tell me that's not the epitome of stupidity!?!?!

4/19/2005 8:52 PM  

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