Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Artistic Autism

It's my opinion that they need to change the name for autism. Maybe it's cuz I'm autistic, whenever I see the word it comes into my overly-stuffed brain as artism. I looked it up in my favorite online dictionary. For the record, there's no such word as artism...this is what I got:

Suggestions for artism:
  1. erotism
2. artist
3. artiest
4. artsy
5. autism <~~~~DO YOU SEE THAT???? Maybe I'm not artistic....I know, I meant autistic.
6. aorist
7. Artemis
8. ariettas
9. erotize
10. eerieest
11. artiste
Artism makes sense to me....it would be a great name for the Ministry of Artism....where tourists go to find out where they can see great (or not so great) art! This soooo works.

As far as autism goes....they need to change it to some name that can be shortened down to initials with some d's, p's, a's and maybe even a z! Z would be so cool! Trust me, I'll now be mulling over what autism's new name should be.........

I can't help but have odd thoughts right now....I have a huge stuffed Donkey on my monitor (the Steed/Stallion in Shrek I & II) and he has one heckuva shit-eating grin on his face. When we get our digital camera back, I'll be sharing his smile with the world. It's just too funny! It makes my heart giggle.


Blogger smile declared....

Donkey!!! I've got a donkey stuffed toy not actually 'on' my monitor - but sitting quietly beside it :) yes... I'm sure he's plotting to take over the world with that smile .... Grr!


4/21/2005 4:00 AM  
Blogger Queenie declared....

Donkey RAWKS!
And OMYGOD why didn't you tell me Butchy started her own shit? I feel ignored!

4/21/2005 4:10 AM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

I followed your link from Alekx's blog. Good stuff.

I'll be back

be afraid be very afraid

4/21/2005 11:17 AM  

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