Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cussing, Steaming, Venting, Blowing

Here's the situation: We (Butchy & I) are renting a house with 2 guys. Jerry lives upstairs and Butchy & I have our bedroom downstairs in the basement. Our "neighbor" downstairs is Leland (the roommate from hell!) he's the one that refuses to clean up after himself. Jerry rents the house from his friend Rick...the arrangement is that Jerry pays all the utilities & cable, etc....Leland and us pays the rent. This is a pretty sweet deal for Jerry....he has all his stuff moved into the kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and his very own bathroom.....he pays less than $400 a month! Butchy and I have most of our stuff in a storage unit...we have a very small cramped bedroom and have taken over some space in the basement. The original agreement is that we would SHARE the house....yeah, our definition of share and Jerry's is very different. He has "given" us 2 whole drawers in the kitchen. That's it! Our definition of sharing would mean that we have our stuff in the kitchen along with his stuff. Nope! And we get this great deal for $400 a month! Oh! And don't forget the bathroom in the basement that 3 of us are sharing!!....and one of those 3 (Leland) has a penchant for peeing all over the place and refuses to clean it up. Don't we just have the best living situation EVER!!! GRRRRRR Sometimes I really wish that I was a cussing woman!

Anyway...here's the newest frustration on top of a whole bunch of old ones.....Jerry is having a dinner party tomorrow night. We are guessing at this because he hasn't actually said anything to us about it. There's tables all over the living room and kitchen/dining room area. If it were us planning a party, we'd have the courtesy to let the guys know about it....just in case they had plans to use the kitchen/dining room or livingroom. I guess we're only sharing the rent, not the house. What a stinky pot-o'-crap! Our crappy situation just keeps getting crappier!

Update: We recently found out that Jerry is paying about $250!!! WTF???? We are sooo being screwed!!!


Blogger M and G declared....

Very cool Blog

4/18/2005 1:50 AM  
Blogger Queenie declared....

It could be worse...
I moved in with one of my best friends while I was in the navy, and we just threw all our stuff together into one two-bedroom apartment. A year into our two year lease, she comes into my room at 3 AM and tells me she's a lesbian and that her underage internet girlfriend is moving in with us from CALIFORNIA because her boyfriend down there is abusing her. It wasn't so much the sexual orientation (no problems there) but the TIMING was sweet, wasn't it? Seriously. 3 AM. Sleepy time. The story gets even more complicated from there, with some rehab thrown in with a smattering of pregnancy and a crazy neighbor, but I'll tell you what...I'd rather have an irritating slobby roommate than a completely inconsiderate one!
Or wait, do you have one of those too?

4/18/2005 5:28 AM  
Blogger Talking Tina declared....

Honey I have a soultion for you. try to get them altogewther and buy some beer small lil party. when thier hte happiest cry a lil they will ask whats wrong say sorry and then gush out the story between sobs. It will take caree of itself. Beat the screams and snide lil remarks. Hope it helps. A womans tears can launch Armies.

4/19/2005 12:18 AM  

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