Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ms. Pope, if you're nasty!

In Catholicism they place a lot of attention on the virgin Mary, right? I'm in no way, shape, or form an expert on Catholicism....I had to use Merriam-Webster to make sure I was spelling it right! But, here's what I'm pondering right now.....why can't a woman be Pope? It can't be that difficult to find a sexless Mother of whatever to perform that duty. We never hear about nuns molesting kids...it's always the "celibate" priests. If a priest has sex with a child....especially a young boy...then it's not sex according to the catholic rules and regulations, right? When found out they're just moved to another town with a whole new fresh supply of young'uns. I wonder if priests compare notes and fill the new priest in on who's hot and who's not? Anyway....I've never heard of a situation where a nun did anything more than hit a kid with a ruler....have you?

Therefore, I nominate Mother Theresa for pope. Uhmmm...wait a second....she's already hanging out with the big G, isn't she. Then I nominate a non-dead Mother somebody for Pope! Trust me, if a woman was Pope...there wouldn't be any slaps with a ruler for molesting-scum-sucking-doomed-for-the-pits-of-hell priests....oh, no....a Mother would make sure they are totally messed up! She'd send out the Nun Brigade to write hurt all over those losers. They wouldn't be able to sit...let alone piss...EVER!! Things would be cut off, in the name Mother Mary full of grace! You don't mess with the kids of God....not when Mother Rambo is on the papal throne!

Too bad Mother Theresa is dead....I can just see her kicking asses all over the place!


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