Thursday, April 14, 2005

Migraines, toothaches & hydrocodone....OH MY!!

My body hates me....well, at least the part of my body that is above the neck. As if a migraine wasn't enough, we now have a mind-numbing toothache. Off with my head!....I can only hope. To the upper management of my body I say, "You're fired!" It's time to bring in some new management..... If it wasn't for hydrocodone I'd be a messier mess than I already am! Therefore, another trip into the past:

Here's Verbose Verbiage, originally posted on Feb 19th:

I feel the need to confess to something. I love words. It's not that I love to talk, that's just something I'm really good at. Words are art to me. There are a zillion ways to say the same thing. In art there are a zillion ways to portray the same topic. Words truly are art.

The way some words feel in my mouth......funny, but it's hard to explain in words! Words are like that, sometimes they are very limited as well as being limiting. Then there are those words that fit like my snuggle. (My flannel warm snuggly blanket that I made all by myself.) Words are similar to art in that they are used to express emotions. There are those words that bring about intense emotion....whether the emotion be love, sadness, joy or hate, anger, frustration....words are there through it all. They can lift you up to unbelievable heights or rip you to jagged shreds. I would rather be beaten with a fist than shredded with cruel words. I have experienced both. The recovery from fists is quite a bit faster than the recovery from someone's horrid torrent of cruelty. Both destroy your trust, but it's easier to deflect a fist than it is to deflect a sharply honed word designed to eviscerate you.

On the other end of the spectrum are those words that build you up. Words that cause you to feel like you can conquer the world. Words that give you hope. We all know about the words that cause you to feel loved and cherished. Spoken by that one person ...your heart breaks into song. Which is much preferred to breaking into pieces.

All this verbiage came about from watching Inside the Actor's Studio and Kiefer Sutherland used the word visceral and I thought, "that's one of those words that feels good in my mouth." It didn't matter what the word meant...just how it felt in my mouth. So, I was going to write about those words that I love to say. But, instead I ended up heading in a different direction. What a surprise. I make myself tired.

Verbose: containing more words than necessary
Verbiage: a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content
Simply....too many damn words! Time to shut the hell up! Is it nap time?


Blogger Alekx declared....

Hmmmmmm does it really matter what Keifer Sutherland says..He just feels good in your mouth no matter what.

Damn that sounded rather kinky..oh well I'm gonna leave that comment stand on it's own

I'm gonna go ahead and link you too as you are now part of my daily reading as well.

4/15/2005 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Number 1 declared....

Good read..
Im still trying to figure the date on rolling stone mag came out..

Nice site

4/16/2005 8:12 AM  
Blogger Jay Rocchi declared....

I love words as well. Without them, I`d be deprived of my favorite hobby. I once wrote a post titled "More Than Words" but it seemed to get little attention. It`s in my archives now. I enjoyed your blog.

4/16/2005 4:34 PM  
Blogger Pryncess Kat declared....

Thanks for all the fabulous comments! In case anyone is wondering....Rolling Stone Magazine debuted in 1967.....

As far as Keifer feeling good in my mouth...don't think so! He's just not my cup of cocoa.....now Terri Clark, the cowboy hat wearing country singer?? I'm alllll over that!

I do think that Bret Boone (Boonie to me) on the Mariner's baseball team is just beyond cute. I just want to grab those chunky cheeks and shake his head like a mexican maraca! He's got a cute bubble-butt, too!

4/16/2005 10:37 PM  
Anonymous Number 1 declared....

Oh my god, hydrocodone? Vicodin? valium? Well, becareful.. It could be addicting, side effects, ect,ect... check them out in case you haven't..

4/17/2005 9:49 AM  

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