Saturday, April 02, 2005

This lazy piggy lives in a filthy mess....

As I have posted before we live with a manpig....that's right...a man pig....aka: manpig. We're so beyond tired of cleaning up after him. He just refuses to clean the bathroom. About a week ago I wrote, "Leland, plz clean the bathroom" on the mirror in the bathroom. I used his handsoap to do it. How did he react? Did he clean it off the mirror? Nope! The ass stain scribbled it out with his soap and then removed his soap from the bathroom!! What a loser, with a capital "Fuck-head!" He had used up all our soap....put some of his own in there (trial sized little sliver of soap)....then removed his soap cuz I used it to write him a message. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So, here's our plan to make things a little more bearable around here....we're going to charge him a maid-fee. That's right! He wants to treat us like his maid, he's going to pay for it! Since it's against the law to beat him to a bloody pulp, we're going to do the fee-thing. We're planning to take the fee off our rent and our landlord, who is a roommate as well, will charge him the amount we take off our rent. We've got to come to some resolution....every time he goes into the bathroom (that he says he never uses!) we want to drag him out of it by his balls. Sounds like we're feeling a little violent...ya think??

If anyone has any other ideas....we're open to hearing them! Well, as long as they're legal, or we know we can get away with it!


Blogger Kim declared....

LOL, I'm dying at "manpig a.k.a. manpig", brilliant!

4/05/2005 8:59 AM  

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