Sunday, April 10, 2005

Going against the migraine

Migraine, yourgraine, we all have migraines!

The sounds from my keyboard may be more than I can handle......but, I will try to persevere. No reason other than to block out the other noises going on around me right now. Why is it that when a gal has a migraine the loudest food on the planet (Cheetos) is the only choice for her girlfriend? The pouring the Cheetos of out of the bag and onto the paper plate was quiet compared to the chewing and chomping of the little orange bastards! Death to Cheetos! Quietly, though.

Be vewy vewy qwiet.....Kat's got a migraine and will kill you with daggers from her pain-filled eyes.

Even Lily-Kid is hating Mama at the moment.....she's got to be the loudest feline on planet Earth. This is not anything new....she's always been the noisiest (and nosey'est) one in the family. The sounds she makes while drinking water sounds like 3 2-year olds splashing enthusiastically in a bathtub full of pissy-water (as far as I'm concerned...ALL 2 year olds piss in their bath water!).

The keyboard is not drowning out the mastication of the Cheetos....sounds like a great name for an opera. I'm going to go to bed, bury my head in my pillow, turn on my much needed fan and call this migraine-filled day OVER!! I think that's a much quieter plan than beating my gf to an orange-pulp.

Wonder if I can sue Cheetos for being so horrendously loud!


Blogger dom declared....

I hope your Migraine goes soon.How did you add the Harry Potter countdown?Tres cool!
I want to know how!

4/10/2005 12:05 PM  
Anonymous onewithcat declared....

Wow! What a cool girl you are! I read most of your blog and 100 things and the rest. Just wanted to say hello.


4/10/2005 12:49 PM  

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