Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We're Adjourned

Numerous thunkers joined together and assisted me with my pondering. I'm not gonna pursue the freelance position with MS. They're nuts requiring someone to write 5-10 posts A DAY!! That's just craziness! The letter didn't specify how many days a week....so, you have to assume that it would be 7 days a week....that's 35-70 posts A WEEK!!!! That's insane. Be sure to take a moment and read all the words of wisdom I was presented with on that post....I have the bestest commenters!!

Well, that's it for my big post today. I'm in a losing battle with a headache & a tummy bug. The Tummy has made it perfectly clear to me that it is now dictating what I eat, whether I like it or not. There will be no "mmmm corndogs sounds good." Nope, that's the ears and the spit glands making the decision.....Tummy is a dictator. It says to me, with a facetious tone, "Go ahead, eat those cordogs. But, you WILL pay!!! hahahahahahahaha" As Tummy's evil laughter fades into the distance I realize I am now powerless against an evil wicked maniacal ruler. He rules with pain and gagging....they are pretty effective henchmen!

As far as my headache goes, I'm pretty sure it's a rebelling faction doing it's part to fight Tummy's tyranny. Or it's allergies, I think the faction sounds like a lot more fun!


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