Friday, June 17, 2005

Bored With the Old, In With the Cute

Initially when I set out looking for a new look for my blog I wanted something serious and quirky all mixed together. I love Juno's new header....I think it's her fault I started becoming bored with my look. Her header is so classic and adult.....at first I was thinking I wanted something like that. But, after a reality check I realized this blog isn't about anything classic or being an adult....much to some bloggers' chagrin. This blog is about me.

When I began my blog its purpose was to release some of the pressure in my brain from all my held back thoughts & comments on life. This blog is my brain fart. My memory started going to pot and I figured I needed to make room. I was mentally impacted. My mind gets to ruminating on some off-the-wall topic and there's no room for remembering anything else. Therefore, I must blog!

As far as my look goes.....quirky may cover it....serious sure doesn't! I guess I'll have to leave the serious part for my posts.....let's see, I can do serious? Can't I? Maybe not.....even my serious side is quirky. I'm just seriously quirky! Ok, I can live with that. Like I really have a choice.

There's something that's been bothering me everytime I blog.....I use way too many exclamation points. See...I just used one there. You don't actually get to see it cuz I went back and changed it to a period. I do that A LOT!

To all those folks coming in from BlogExplosion to find out what is so great about my blog that makes it worthy of being #1 on the Top 50...if you figure it out let me know! If you only came in here to tear my blog to pieces....don't waste your time. My blog was not put on this planet to please everyone. Actually, it was only created to please me. The fact that I have come across some incredible people who actually enjoy visiting me is just a wonderful bonus in my life. If you are a braindead loser & choose to tear me apart anyway, I'll sic Butchy, Kimmy, Queenie & Burfica on your ass! They're tough, they can take you down. Yes, I could just take you down myself...but, see...I don't want to hog all the fun!


Blogger web_loafer declared....

Kudos......you change your blog more than jihadists pray. Well maybe not that much. I really get a kick out of you at BE, and I do read your rambling, bambling, and nice blogs.
the webloafer......sends his best.

6/18/2005 3:39 PM  

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