Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Peeve, NOT the petting kind!

Tummy be damned....I have something in my head that just has to come out. N O W!

So, it's like this: Butchy and I have some great friends, C & W. We love hanging out with them. We tend to have a hard time ending our visits. We absolutely adore those guys!

Now you're wondering what this post is about, right? There's one little niggling thing that drives me crazier than I already am. C has this "thing" when you're talking to him he tries to say the exact same thing that you're saying AS YOU'RE SAYING IT!?! It's like the last 2-3 words of your sentence....EVERY sentence! I'm sooo tempted to totally change what I'm planning on saying right at the last second, "So, my Dad is hanging from the stirrups, upside down & he starts to....do the can-can!" Echo that, Parrot Boy!

How does someone come up with a habit like that? Did he take the, "What I hear you saying is...." to the extreme and figure he'd cut out the question and just finish all your sentences....as you're attempting to finish them yourself? There are certain things in life I insist on finishing by myself...the paperwork after going potty, my chocolate, I'm sure there's a lot more things.....oh! can't forget this one: & ANY SENTENCE THAT I START!! Is this too much to ask?


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