Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Lysol" up close


A. Because she keeps her home immaculate, looks as preety as she can and really loves her husband, BUT she neglects that one essential...personal feminine hygiene.

Q. Is this really important to married happiness?

A. Wives often lose the precious air of romance, doctors say, for lack of the intimate daintiness ependent on effective douching. For this, look to reliable "Lysol" brand disinfectant.

Q. Is "Lysol" safe and gentle as well as effective?

A. Yes, the proved germicidal efficiency of "Lysol" requires only a small quantity in a proper solution to destroy germs and odors, give a fresh, clean, wholesome feeling, restore every woman's confidence in her power to please.

Q. How about homemade douching solutions, such as salt and soda?

A. They have no comparison with the scientific formula of "Lysol" which as proved efficiency in contact with organic matter.

ALWAYS USE "LYSOL" in the douche, to help give the assurance that comes with perfect grooming....confidence in "romance appeal."

Check these facts with your doctor

Many doctors recommend "Lysol," in the proper solution, for Feminine Hygiene, Non-caustic, gentle, "Lysol" is non-injurious to delicate membrane. Its clean, antispetic odor quickly disappears. Highly concentrated, "Lysol" is economical in solution. Follow easy directions for correct douching solution.
I considered adding my own comments to this ad....then realized, my comments wouldn't add a damn thing! This is hilarious all on its own! As I was typing it out, I realized it sounds like it was written by the same guy that writes the directions on the back of the chopsticks wrapper at our favorite Chinese restaurant. You know English can't be the copywriter's first language.


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