Monday, May 02, 2005

A couple things:

It is entirely possible to put too much Hershey Syrup on ice cream! Who'da thunk it?

There's a comment on my Smiles post that I'm wondering about....I'm all for having your honey pot tickled, but do I want that mentioned in a post about Pooh Bear? That borders on Pooh abuse, if you ask me!

Clockmakers need to put a BIG A.M./P.M. on their clocks....that would keep me from waking up at 7 PM thinking it's 7 AM. I don't enjoy feeling disoriented. Just having a little light that's on when it's the AM is too confusing.....I can never remember what the little light means, and when I do think I know....I'm ALWAYS wrong. (yes, another one of my many issues.)

2 Sausage & Egg Croissanwiches with ice cream drowning in Hershey Syrup....breakfast of champions? I'm not one of those fatties that wonders how they gain weight....just try to tell me they aren't eating like a hollow-legged teenage boy when noone's looking! Puh...leez!

My sleeping pattern right now is all kinds of screwy....sleep between 3 & 5 or 6 AM...then wide awake...then back to sleep around noon until 5 or 6 PM.....GOD, I NEED A LIFE!!! Waking up in pain....loads of fun!

Speaking of pain....Kim you might want to stop reading right about now.....I think the Dentist cracked my jaw! Here I thought she was just a wonderful gal with a wonderful chair-side-manner......now I'm thinking she's a quack and needs to be shot! I'm discovering that most of my pain is not coming from the gaping hole, but instead, the big crater in front of the gaping hole and the "crack" that goes up to my eye socket! I don't really know how to explain what I'm talking about, I kept trying to get Butchy to understand and she wasn't really able to until I forced her to stick her finger in my mouth! I've never experienced anything like this. I've never even heard of anyone having something like this happen!
I put my finger on the place where it hurts and underneath my gum I feel a line....a crack or something...the goes straight up. It's right above the gaping hole, in the front. All of my teeth from my front right tooth back hurt....only the ones on top, though. I'm going to go park my chubby-bubby-butt at the dentist's office today and stronly encourage them to take a look at the "fault line" in my mouth! I'm also gonna get me some more drugs! What sucks is that my mouth hurts more now than it did when I had the obnoxious tooth in there! What's up with that shit? I went from one tooth buggin' me to 6 teeth and my jaw! GRRRRRRRRR
Here's my proof that I'm in now way, shape or form an artist....it's also my attempt to explain what the hell I'm talking about:

The image “http://photos1.blogger.com/img/271/3013/640/crack.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Front right tooth: my right, your left.
Now you can see why I'll never be a technical manual writer! I suck!

I'll definitely be posting about my adventures into Dentist land today.....they better give me some really good drugs, that's all I can say!!!!


Blogger Autumn Storm declared....

Sounds serious. Get thee to a surgery!

5/02/2005 10:21 PM  
Blogger Alekx declared....

Maybe she left the gaping hole so you could hide your hershey's syrup stash in there.
But she should have warned ou about it first.

5/04/2005 10:28 AM  

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