Saturday, April 30, 2005


Holy halitosis, Batman! Something is decomposing in my mouth. I'm sure you don't really want to know all the details, but I'm in a sharing kind of mood today. I'm thinking that I've either gotten some food particles in my gaping hole or....I don't know what or could be. I don't remember this awful taste and smell when I've had other teeth pulled. When I had an abscessed tooth I had horrid halitosis and the taste of decomposition (not that I really know what decomposition would taste like, I can only imagine)....once I got that tooth pulled all the horrid crap went away, too.

The tooth I just had pulled wasn't infected....it was on its' way to being abscessed, but it wasn't to that point, yet. I wanna shove a breath strip into my gaping hole.....now, I just need to get some breath strips.

For now, I'm gonna go gargle with chocolate milk.....that sounds like a perfect solution! But, y'all know me...chocolate is always my solution!


Blogger Janet declared....

I've had teeth pulled, yuck. It really is a raunchy taste in your mouth, like something died in there. It's better than being in agony from a bad tooth. Take care.

4/30/2005 1:01 PM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

Amen sister. Choclate can cure everything!!!!!

You sure you didn't develope an infection down in your "gaping" hole?? That could be the taste and smell.

Might wanna get on some heavy antibiotics and see if swishing with an antibiotic swish would help.

4/30/2005 4:43 PM  

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