Sunday, February 25, 2007

Britney, Oscar, TiVo & Stinky Laundry

It's been a year since I posted....nothing to really say about that. Had a lot to write about, just didn't feel like writing. I'll catch y'all up on all my news, just not right now.
Right now, I'm all about Oscar. He's my kind of guy....tall, golden, silent & no penis. Who will he go home with? Who will be left Oscar-less? Will I remember anything from this year's show in a year? Let's see, who won last year?....Titanic? Yeah, I'm all out of answers.

I was just thinking how sucky would it be to be the first loser & you still have to sit through an infinite number of hours of lame presenters & windy thank you speeches. That's the ultimate loser....pity that guy.
Britney....the girl needs help. Not my help. Not your help. Somebody's help. She seems to be the new spokesperson for postpartum depression. Another reason I'll never be a mother.....I love my hair too much. Also, I wouldn't be thrashing a car with an umbrella....I'd probably do something silly & use my truck, instead.
TiVo....I'm sold. LOVE mine! I'm the newest TiVo Missionary.....you really should convert. Really.
Stinky Laundry....Not crying over spilt milk is pure bullshit....Milk spilt, towels used to clean it up stunk up my house & my laundry....I'm not really crying about it, more whining & groaning. I've run the laundry thru 3 times now.....I know tomato juice works on skunk, think it will work on rotten milk?


Blogger MP declared....

Hey miss Kat..what was it with all of us. We posted our little hearts out, multiple on some days. I had an exfriend stalker type out there and quit for a while. I've been back for a little while..Hope you are well!!

3/19/2007 1:27 PM  

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