Sunday, November 06, 2005

What's new with you?

After spending the last 2 1/2 weeks on my ass, in bed, in the little dungeon we call home.....I HATE THAT QUESTION!! There's NOTHING new with me! Nada, zip, zero, nuttin', NOTHING!!! For something "new" I would have to leave my cell. Sure, I have big ol adventures heading to the potty a couple times a day....but, nothing NEW! Same kitties getting under foot, same rug that gets viciously attacked by one of those kitties leaving a huge "gonna kill me wrinkle," same worry: "Am I gonna make it to the potty in time?" The only thing that's different is how my knee is going to hurt on the way to and from the bathroom. Will it freeze up on me and require me to force it to do that popping thing that hurts so bad I wanna puke? Will it throb like it's been shattered into zillions of pieces? Will it be a deep ache or a shallow ache? Will I want to have my knee amputated by the time I make it back to bed, or will I be requestiing euthenasia instead?

Through all this Butchy has been very patient and wonderful. Sure, she gets cranky....but, if she didn't then I'd wonder who had invaded her body. Overall, though, she qualifies for sainthood. I'm working hard at not whining. That's the ONLY work I'm doing. It is pretty hard work....being trapped & crippled is not something I will ever be good at.

My wonderful HMO (I'm saying "wonderful" very facetiously & sarcastically & a whole bunch of other words that mean I don't mean what I'm saying) has finally approved me for a wheelchair! WOO HOO! Only problem is that the vendor they use to provide wheelchairs to their premium-payers SUCKS!!!! For a week they have had the referral....waiting for the approval. Approval arrives, Kat can go back to work....life is good, right?!? WRONG!!! They NEVER HAD THE WHEELCHAIR!!!! The wheelchair they were s'posedly delivering to me last Weds cuz I had said that I would pay for it and get reimbursed by my wonderful HMO. Then the vendor called and said, "Oops, we quoted you the wrong monthly rate, it's actually $100 more!" To which I said I couldn't afford that....isn't it funny how you can't afford much when you're not working?!? Friday, as soon as the HMO from Hell approved my wheelchair I called the vendor.....get that chair to me ASAP! Was told they would have it to me by lunchtime......2pm comes along and I get a phone call.....this is when I find out they DON'T HAVE the chair!!!! Isn't that some wonderful customer service?

So, now the SUCKY vendor has the chair "on order." Supposedly I'll have the chair on Tues or Weds.....this is only costing me an additional $400 in lost wages! I'm seriously considering having a chat with a lawyer.....

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though.....I'm pretty sure it's not a train....I should be back to work in the nearish future. I can't believe how much I miss my job! I miss leaving the house, being out in public, wearing clothes (as opposed to wearing my jammies all day).....I miss having an answer to "what's new with you?"

So, what's new with you?


Blogger Butchy declared....

Awwwww sweetie! That is SO sweet of you! I am working at not being TOO overly cranky! I am enjoying being able to help you. I know you would the same; you have before, and I know for a fact you will again. I will just be glad when this is all over.

11/06/2005 10:56 PM  
Blogger MissWorld declared....

Ye gads! Your ordeal sounds horrible. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, a triumphant return to work, and a huge settlement from the inept wheelchair company.

Hang in there. We're right behind you.

11/07/2005 9:07 AM  
Blogger Burfica declared....

I know what you mean about wanting to be back to work, or out among people. Somebody to talk too.

Sometimes I long for the days I can sit on my ass or in bed and not do a dam thing. hehehehe but only once in a while

Big huggggsssss
always thinking of you

11/07/2005 12:49 PM  
Blogger Alekx declared....

What's new with you????

**ducking and laughing as the lamp wizzes by my head***

Don't you just hate insurance. It's easier to just shoot yourself in the head some days then mess with them.

here's hoping to a quick return to work so you'll stop throwing things at me.

11/07/2005 7:07 PM  
Blogger Kim declared....

awww, sorry to hear you are still suffering. I hope things get resolved soon and you are back on your feet (pardon the pun)quickly. Butchy IS a saint, but we all knew that already. Have you looked into working via remote desktop from home? You wouldn't be out and about with others, but at least you'd be doing something work related and feeling more productive. Hope all is well otherwise, miss you!

11/10/2005 8:04 AM  

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