Saturday, July 23, 2005

Allergies & Heaving Infections

From reading previous posts y'all know that I have seasonal allergies. In the past my allergies have triggered a sinus infection that became so severe it blew out my left eardrum. So, it's allergy season, again. woo hoo. I've been dealing with all the joys of sneezing, coughing, watery-itchy eyes....you know, all the stuff they make Visine &/or Nyquil for. I've been popping Zyrtec-D's like candy...when I remember I have them, I think memory loss is a result of having a head full of snot. Your head can either be full of wonderful memories, or snot...not both. My head has chosen snot, for reasons that are only obvious to my sinuses.

I had a Dr appt on Weds. In the midst of discussing my pit rash I bring up how my allergies are kicking my ass. Dr Jonna takes a look in my ears and throat....molests my lymph nodes and then has the audacity to press on my sinuses! Good thing I like her....I wanted to whap her a good one. That hurt!

Verdict: sinus infection....AGAIN!! Why can't I be like normal people with seasonal allergies and just get allergy symptoms instead of needing horse-pill-sized antibiotics? Don't get me started on the "fluid" in my ears.....grrrrrrr! At least, this time I didn't go a year saying it was "just allergies" and then have my eardrum blow. The girl is getting smarter and smarter.

This time around has been a little different, though. I have nausea like you wouldn't believe....Dr Jonna agreed with me that it is probably from all the post nasal shit (mine don't drip...it flows!). Are you nauseated now, too? Good! I don't want to heave alone.


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