Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Blowout royally blows!

Blowouts are not typically known to be a positive experience. My blowout is no exception. Many many moons ago, let's just say about a month or so ago, my head exploded. To be more "technical" my eardrum ruptured. Bottom Line: my head was so full of snot with nowhere to go that it had no choice but to dynamite my eardrum. Why it didn't choose a sneeze is beyond me. That would have been the painfree method. But, no, instead of using the tried and true method that has been proven most successful in excavating snot, it decided to do something a little different. Guess it needed a change.
The earaches and headaches have been an experience in pain and suffering that I would prefer to never have had. But, I was never consulted. My sinuses made a decision that the rest of my body is not very happy with. There have been rumors of mutiny and/or excommunication. Once the rest of the bod can figure out how to breathe without the sinuses, the sinuses are outta here! A "sinusectomy" is looking better and better.
Until the sinuses can be removed permanently I must deal with their decision and the consequent pain. Sure it was fun stuff when I could breathe out my ear. That didn't last long enough to compensate for all the accompanying crap. Just how much fluid can one ear have??? Do they make ear tampons? Do they have an Always for ear drainage? These are just a few of my many unanswered questions.


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