Monday, July 11, 2005

Creative Cussing

I'm not a cusserer. That doesn't mean I don't cuss....it means I don't cuss as part of my regular speech pattern. My every other word isn't a cuss word.....I save cussing for moments when I'm seriously pissed or hurt. Even in those moments I, in my creative genius style, endeavor to cuss creatively. I love making up cuss words!

One of my favorite cuss-phrases is "Holy Mother Pheasant Plucker!" It just sounds naughty. "Holy Mother of God!" Is another one of my faves. When I really wanna sound naughty "gadammofosumbtch" works just fine....I'm not really saying anything, but it sure sounds like it!

I was raised that cussing was a sign of a small mind living in a trailer park. People of class don't cuss. I wasn't allowed to say, "butt, cops, or oh God!" Yes, cops....my parents felt it was like calling them pigs.....that's changed over the years. But saying God's name in vain....no, that hasn't changed...that's as bad as, if not worse than, saying the f-word! So for years "good.....ness!" was my "oh, God!"

I'm sure I have a lot more phrases that I use as cuss-phrases, I just can't think of them right now.....I need chocolate.....must have chocolate.


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