Friday, July 22, 2005

Group Interview....also seen on Sister-Friends

I'm NOT a fan of the group interview! Oh, the pressure! I'm an outgoing confident 38-year old woman....I was in this interview with 4 gals who are just out of High School and a gal who was around my age who told us that her weakness is allowing people to walk all over her. She was always the last one to answer....I started waiting her out so that she wouldn't always be the last one. I have this thing when I'm around spineless-wonders....I loan them my spine. They may not even want it, or for that matter even realize what I'm doing, but I try to bolster them. I'm big on protecting the underdog or speaking for those that have a hard time getting heard.

It wasn't planned, but I ended up sitting smack dab in the middle of these gals. I was directly across from the 2 managers that were interviewing us. They had us on one side of the long table while they faced us from the other side. I'm HUGE on eye contact in an interview setting, I think this kind of intimidated one of the managers. He kept averting his eyes whenever I was attempting make eye contact with him. I only strove for eye contact when I was answering one of their lame ass questions.

At the end of the interview they asked us if we had any questions for them....after a couple gals asked about topics they had already covered extensively, I asked how many positions they were filling. 15....I thought, "cool, there's 6 of us here," I knew they had already done another group interview with 6 earlier in the day....so 15 positions....12 interviewed so far...pretty good odds....then she had to add, "we've already filled 1/2." Great, now there's only 7 or 8 positions available and 12 potentials. Not so great odds....

After having a one-on-one interview, when I leave I usually know if I connected with the interviewer and had a good feeling about whether, or not, I got the job. You just don't get that at a group interview. It sucks!

I may not find out if I'm going to be "made an offer" until Tues....my tummy is already feeling the stress...along with my neck, head, shoulders, etc. Goddess, I wish I had a crystal ball!


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