Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I sucketh!

No, don't blow sunshine up my bum....it's true...I suck! If there was a time-out corner for bloggers....that's where I'd be, counting the bumps on the wall, staring at the bumps to make my eyes water, holding my breath and counting 1, 1000, 2, 1000, 3, 1000...you get the picture. I wouldn't wipe snot on the wall....that's just wrong. So, back to me sucking.....

I've been in a reading mood more than a writing mood lately. I wrote the first little bit of my book that's been brewing for ages....and now I find myself avoiding blogging cuz the story is too personal. No, I didn't kill him...but, everything else in the book will be based on actual events in my life. You can read what I've written so far here. I need to give myself a break...or maybe that should be brake? Allow myself to not write until I'm ready to. The only pressure I'm under is pressure I've put myself under......that's a lot of unders!!

Something I'm pondering....do most people spell masturbation m-a-s-t-e-r-bation...because they've mastered it? Yeah, my pondering-barrel is pretty dry right now. I'm off to bed...that's where I do my best pondering. I'll try to remember what it was I pondered so I can share my wealth of knowledge.


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