Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Meandering Ponderings

nnnnnnnnhhhhhhnn....probably shouldn't try to clean my keyboard when I'm about to post.....I should write that down. Great, now I have a toothache. Need to take Aleve.....ok...now I'm "Aleve'd"....still in pain......I can feel my heartbeat in my tooth.....the beat goes on.....so does the pain......::hearing Final Jeopardy theme song in my head::.........pain, pain, go away.....I want my Mommy.........is it immature for a 38 year old to want her Mommy when she's in pain?....who cares! I WANT MY MOMMY!!! Ok.... breathing in....out....in.....

Speaking of my Mom.....

The setting: Mom's office at Warner Pacific College
The city: Portland, OR
The year: 1968 or '69
The characters:
Mom: played by my 26-27 year old Mom
Kid: played by me at 2 or 3 yrs old...dark brown hair, blue eyes. very white
Guy: tall black male...but, then he could have been 4 ft tall and at 2 or 3 yrs old I would have thought he was a giant.....no clue as to his name or his purpose for being in my Mom's office......

The scene: Action!
Guy: walks into Mom's office.
Before he can utter a word,
Kid: enthusiastically states:
"You're black!"
Mom: gasps! Her heart stops, she's holding her breath and her hands to keep from smacking Kid upside her head.
Guy: "Why yes, I am. And what color are you?"
Kid: "I'm blue!"
Mom: exhales....and decides to let Kid live another day.
Cut! That's a wrap!

Toothache relieved by Aleve.....bit of trivia: my Dad officiated at the funeral service for the guy who invented Aleve....hope he didn't die from using it! I should check into that.....I'll write that down, too.........


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