Sunday, February 13, 2005


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I have a size 32 issue with size 0...yes, that's a ZERO!!! What the heck is size zero? Wouldn't that be size NOTHING? And when a "size 0" loses weight, do they become a negative? "I've lost 2 lbs! I'm a size -3 now!" Puh-leeze!! It boggles my mind that there are skeletal women walking around that fit into size 0. After working for a crematorium I would say that I have seen true size 0's.....we called them cremains!

There's another size 0 that I take issue with, as well. Babies. They have clothes for sizes 0-3 months. Wouldn't size 0 be....well....conception? Or if you don't believe in life at conception then wouldn't size 0 be a fetus? My thought is that if they want to lump together the first 3 months than say 1 day - 3 months....that makes more sense to me than 0!

Valerie Harper had this to say about the topic:

"What fluke of genetics leads to a size zero? I tremble at the future possibilities. Size double zero. Size minus fifteen. Are we headed for a time when we'll be embarassed to say, "I'm a size 2."?"

I never have to worry about being a size 0....I'll be happy if I ever get down to a double-digit size that starts with a 1 (if ya don't wanna strain your brain I'm saying size 18-10). This would mean sacrificing my boobs, though. *Read previous post about Fat/Support*

Ok, I'm done with this spiel. I need chocolate.........


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