Friday, February 18, 2005

Fundamental Fundamentalists

My head is warped. Yep....totally full-on-tilt warped. I was reading my daily blogs (kind of like daily meditations, only a lot more screwy!) and laughed my way to my last one. So, I'm reading Carol's post called, "The rantings of a long day" and I get to the part where she says that the table next to her, #18, is Auto Fundamentals. Now, that's what she wrote, but that's not what I read.

Let me give you a little background (sheesh, cool your jets, turbo! It really will be "a little"). A N Y W A Y.....I was raised in a home with a fundamentalist dictator. We called him Dad. Actually, we still do call him Dad...or Daddy-O...or Reverend Most High Father (He has been a missionary/pastor/Sheriff's Chaplain & currently he's a Fire Chaplain)....or...well, you don't need to know all our nicknames for him.
A N Y W A YYYYYY.....sheesh I'm winded....hold on.....catching my breath.....ok, so, I was raised fundamentalist (more mental than fun, let me tell you!). Due to being raised fundy I am now incapable of reading the word fundamental. Fundamentally speaking, the word fundamental, in my warped & twisted mind, will always be fundamentalist. (I bet you saw that coming from another galaxy!) So...I'm reading "Auto Fundamentals" on Carol's site and in my head I start thinking (cuz that's where I usually do my thinking): "well, she is in Utah. The fundies I've heard about in Utah are all polygamous. So would adding "Auto" to "Fundamentalist" mean that they are born into a polygamous family and therefore are Automatic Fundamentalists?" (Not to be confused with those that are Manual!)
Then I got to the part where she's talking about props and realized (because I am a true genius) that "Auto" was in reference to automobile. Now Automobile Fundamentalists was a whole new religion to me. I've heard of motorheads, I've heard of autoerotism (those are total car freaky-deakies!), but this group sounded like it would be way more extreme and legalistic. Would they have to own more than one car? How would they make sure that one car didn't feel left out? How would they keep the other cars from being jealous when it wasn't their night? Would some be used for pleasure and others for errands? What about garages, would they all have their own, or would they have to share? These are all questions that MUST be considered!
Then I thought I should check out the name again....oh. fundamentals. as in the basics. hmmmm....now that just doesn't sound as exciting as Auto Fundamentalists.

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Blogger ~Dawn declared....

Ooops! I would've made the same mistake I think.

2/18/2005 10:03 PM  

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