Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pencil Test.....as heard on Oprah

While fondling a "makeover model" the What Not to Wear Girls told Oprah all about the Pencil Test. The test requires putting a pencil under your boob...if it drops you're still perky...if it doesn't you've got a little saggage. Oprah made a comment that there are those that could keep a whole pencil SET under their boobs. My reaction was that I could keep the whole log used to make the pencils under one of my girls! Small pets have been lost under the girls! I have my own version of the Bermuda Triangle. The girls have had quite the colorful past. They have been used to harbor shot glasses, salt and pepper shakers (courtesy of an expensive steakhouse), roll of tp (ya never know when you won't have a leaf handy), $ (much safer than a purse!), keys, makeup (I don't need no stinking makeup bag!),and a partridge in a pear tree! You never know what will fall out of my bra at the end of the day. I am limited in what I can store in my bra...chocolate was a mess. Not a good idea. When storing items in my bra I must remember at all times that my boobs have their own weather, hot & humid. Also, I need to be cautious of anything that will change the size or shape of my girls....I really don't want to walk around with my boobs resembling a landfill. Even though there have been times that I have used cans of Diet Coke to cool the girls off, I don't want to look too redneck/white trash. I do have my limits!


Anonymous Carla declared....

the woman next to her like... "showoff!!!" she knows she can hold a Crock Pot between hers... ;)

2/17/2005 5:16 PM  

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