Thursday, February 17, 2005


In my head I'm an Englishwoman. It's true! When I have conversations in my head I'm often speaking with an English accent. Now this wouldn't be at all odd if I really were English. But, I'm only 1/8 or so English. And...well...I've never been to England! The closest I've ever been to England was when I was in the 1st grade and my family moved from Seaside, OR to Rochester, PA...that's right, Pennsylvania.

I have a friend from England. When we chat I often start speaking with an English accent. It's a good thing that she knows me and my quirks well enough now that she doesn't feel like I'm mocking her. When I call her she often thinks I'm her sister....who is English and has the same name as me! So, I guess I'm pretty good at it. Yay me!

If I chat with someone from Australia, New Zealand or even Jamaica I have to concentrate really hard on not falling into using their accent. I'm just an accent sponge. But, I'm picky. When we lived in the Philippines I never talked Tagalish (mixture of Tagalog and English). My grandmother and great aunt were from Finland, I could mimic them, but I never had to fight myself from speaking with that accent. I did love the way my grandpa talked...he was Norwegian. I would love the way he would call my brother, Michael, "the boy." I always wondered if he knew my brother's name. My Mom was Lin-nee-ah and I was Katrin. My Mom's name is Linnea (pronounced Linn-ay-uh) and I'm Kathryn (pronounced Kat).

Maybe when I grow up I can be an English Lady. Lady Kathryn of Lesbian.


Blogger hexacontium declared....

I know exactly what you mean, Kat. I actually love different english accents and the british pronounciation in general. I only need to watch a bit of BBC and my boy friend will make jokes on my again, and I'm not doing it consciously ;) Last summer I went on a study field trip with a fellow from a different part of our little coutry. It took months until I finally got rid of his weired pronounciation of a couple of letter

Hexa (hexacontium.blogspot.com)

2/17/2005 1:09 AM  
Blogger c'lam declared....

ah, but what kind of english accent? i *am* english, but quite often people with think that my accent is irish.

great blog by the way

2/17/2005 5:08 AM  
Blogger Cattiva declared....

My daughter picks up an Austrailian accent a lot. I have NO idea where she gets if from.

2/17/2005 7:38 AM  

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