Thursday, February 17, 2005

Impacted Potty

I'm currently on Butchy's poo-poo list. It all started when we had some rice go bad and it was stinkin' up our frige. Usually Butchy handles the stinky, sticky or just gross projects around the house. She takes such good care of me! I am spoiled. Anyway...back to the stinky rice. For a change of pace I thought I would take care of it. By "take care of it" I mean that I'd put it in the toilet....why stink up the new garbage bag? Welllllllll....my intentions were great....my execution sucks! We now have an impacted toilet. Lucky us! I did break up the rice. I didn't just toss in the big ol' chunk of stinky rice into the pot. I even plunged the potty after I had used it and realized it had a little constipation.....plunging worked a little bit.

Stay tuned to hear our latest updates. Will we get our toilet flowing? Will Butchy forgive Pryncess? Will I quit obsessing on the constipated potty? Will Brad and Jen get back together? Enquiring minds want to know!


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