Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Terrorist Sea Planes

I now work on the northern end of downtown Seattle. Right outside my window is the Space Needle framed by the beautiful Olympic mountains. Doesn't it sound incredible? It is! Except for one little thing....my back is to the window & my monitor faces the window...so I see the great view in a reflection on my monitor. The "little" problem is that between the building I work in and the Space Needle (which is technically around 8 blocks due west) is a flight path for the Sea Planes landing on Lake Union. All day long planes are flying by my window...one day I was in the middle of a call and a plane goes swooping by the window...suddenly I had the thought, "what if there's a psycho-terrorist in that plane!?!" That gave me the major heebie-jeebies...I literally shuddered! I comforted myself with the knowledge that Sea Planes are a lot flimsier than the jets used on 9/11...so if it is a terrorist: once the plane hits the window it'll be crumpled into a little ball and we can just throw it into the aluminum recycle bin. Please, don't tell me any differently another plane is coming in for a landing.....


Blogger Burfica declared....

You should make a good.... at least...45 cents on recycling that tin foil. hehehehehe

7/26/2007 11:48 AM  

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