Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ewwww...gag...dry heave....thanks, I think.

Our Tiggy Boy sure loves his Mama! Now that my stomach has calmed down I can tell you about the "gift" he wanted me to enjoy, as much as he did. Man, I wish I had remembered we have our digital camera....a picture would be worth a zillion ewwww's and gags. Laying on my side of the bed...about where my ass usually is on a nightly basis....a slug. That's right, one of those slimey, ewwyy, gooey, if-I-don't-stop-now-I'm-gonna-dry-heave-again SLUG!!! He must have snagged it from under the window screen and knew that it would be perfect gift for his Mama. How do you say thanks to such a thoughtful gift?

My hero, Butchy, after refusing the paper towels I was trying to hand her in the midst of breaking a rib dry heaving.....bundled up the slug-slimed sheets and snuggle (a blanket I made) and headed for the bathroom. We didn't salt the slug....like all good Inland Northwesterners know to do....nope, she just flushed the turd. I mean, the slug. The sheets are sanitizing in the washing machine.

I must be the most loved kitty-Mama ever. I'm sure when the nausea wears off I'll be able to feel the love...just as long as it's not slimey I should be ok.


Blogger Christopher declared....

Awww thanks for coming by and saying HI cat. I accidentally deleted you on my blog as a fixer upper for the page. I am inviting you again, and I am so sorry about the mixup!!! I hope you enjoy your pride weekend, I am in the midst of writing my manifesto for pride weekend here, as I am not going.

6/11/2005 2:37 AM  

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