Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Piles of turd-sized chunks of thunks

Lots swirling between my ears....and I'm not just talking about all the phlegm from having allergies!....thoughts, opinions, ponderings, conundrums, cravings.....try to keep up.
  • I'm addicted to books. I read lots of different types of books and I never feel like I have enough books. If, God forbid, I don't have a book lined up to read once I finish whichever book I'm reading at the moment.....crankies, tremblies, can't sleepies...the withdrawal symptoms are horrendous. I need a book, and I need it NOW!!! Luckily, I'm set for a couple of months now. We've hit some yard sales, my Mom-in-Love donated some to the cause, Salvation Army Thrift Store has paperbacks for only $.89! and hardcover are $1.00....loaded up there! Then.....some good friends of our are moving into a place that was previously owned by an old couple. They had an estate sale and all that didn't sell was just left in the house for our good friends to wade through. When I heard about the books I grabbed a couple of Wal*Mart bags and headed out to their place. Well....I only filled 1 bag. That's what I told Butchy, "only one bag." When she saw the look on my face she asked about what else I got out there...."one bag....and....well....6 boxes!" That's right, 6 boxes of books!!! Talk about orgasmic! I'm a happy reader! Butchy, on the other hand, is not so thrilled. All I can say is that it's a good thing we recently bought a kick-ass handtruck!
  • Still on books....I recently finished The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons....I read them in that order, not knowing about Angels & Demons until after I finished the Code. Those books....I'm pretty sure they would give my fundamentalist father the vapors! They were well written. I figured out the "bad guy" in each one long before they were revealed. That's a something I've been cursed with. I'm rarely surprised. When I am....I LOVE it!
  • Even more on books....remember Spenser for Hire? The TV show. He had a side-kick named Hawk. I have no idea where I got the book, but I have the most recent book in the series: Cold Service by Robert B. Parker. Let me just say that now I'm doomed with having to get ALL of the books in the series. I love the humor....I find myself laughing out loud....that's not normal for me. Unless, of course, I'm reading Kim's blog or my Bloom County/Opus & Friends book. Spenser and Hawk have great chemistry and their conversations just crack me up.
  • Continuing with books: I know, I'm obsessed with books....I've already covered that! Shhhh....you might learn something.....I mean, other than that I'm obsessed with books. I've come to realize something about Danielle Steel's books....her main characters seem to be the same person. I've read about 4 or 5 of her books in the last 2 months and they all seem to be about the same person....just different locations and methods for their husbands to die off. All the first husbands die long before the woman. I've never been into her books before....I'm not into romantic, love, and such stories. I like Tom Clancy and fictional crime stories. I'm usually reading more than one book at a time...my norm is 2. So right now I've got the Spenser book about done and I'm also reading James Michener's Chesapeake. I just finished his Carribean book.....his novels are my favorite way to learn world history. I have Gai-jin...or something like that....waiting for me in one of the 6 boxes....also his Covenant books.
  • I think that's about it for my books rant........oh don't be so dramatic....it wasn't THAT taxing on you! Collapsing in relief is just a bit over the top, don't you think?
Big plans for today....Depo shot (one of the few lesbians in the world on birth control....I just love it cuz it totally stops me from having periods. If law enforcement knew how bad my PMS is....it would be a law for me to be on that shot. LOVE THAT SHOT!!!) and I'm gonna get some acrylic nails. When I moved to Oak Harbor I quit getting them because the price over there was DOUBLE what it is over here. I can get a full set here for $25 and fills are $15....in Oak Harbor full sets are $45 on up! Fills were around $20+! I prefer acrylics cuz my own nails are so strong and sharp that I cut myself with them. I have a scar on my leg from where I gouged myself with my thumb nail. Acrylics are much safer for me and those around me!

If you've read all the way to this point then I feel there's something I can share with you....we've bonded by now........I'm hating my pits right now. My armpits are the bane of my existence lately......in my left pit I have a rash of some sort (I've NEVER had a rash like this ANYWHERE!!!) and in my right pit I have either a pimple from the pits of hell or it's a boil. It sucks to be me! I've never had anything in my armpits except for an occasional ingrown hair....and those are really rare for me. I use a brush when I shower and that keeps me from getting ingrowns. See, aren't you glad you read this whole post, just to find out I'm having pit problems? You're feeling pretty good about your life right about now, aren't ya?


Blogger Burfica declared....

I get itchy arm pits all the time. hehehehee

6/02/2005 8:04 PM  
Blogger Bybee declared....

I enjoyed your book rant. Your whole blog is really good.

6/03/2005 5:34 AM  
Blogger LucyDDCF declared....

May I suggest to you to read (if you haven't already...
"The Beans of Egypt, Maine" By Carolyn Chute.

6/04/2005 11:09 AM  

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