Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just gotta smack 'em!

There are certain types of people that bring about in me a desire for violence. People that I just want to smack their flippin' faces off! Here's some of my list:

* brats....those who feel the need to let the world know that they are a brat. It's similar to those that get drunk then feel the need to advertise it. Who cares if you're a brat? Do you think that's a good thing and that there are poor bratless people envying your brattiness? It just ain't so.

* dimplies...... those who believe that their dimples allow them to be cruel and unfeeling without any consequences. Let me clear things up for you.....I will shove your dimples into the back of your skull if you mouth off to me!

* cutesies.....this could also be in reference to the dimpled idjits. Cute does not cover a multitude of sins. Just cuz you're cute while being a skanky bitch does not make you any less skanky bitchy!

* gigglers......all I can do is mock them! They are so fake and so irritating. It would be a great service to the planet if someone just hauled off and smacked them a good one upside the head. Bet that would cure their giggles!

* know-it-alls.....love being around someone who thinks they know it all, they soon find out they know nothing and I know all! I just make sure I only open my mouth when it's a subject that I do know about! Keeps me from having my face smacked off!

* kidders.....listen, just cuz you said you're kidding doesn't make what you said any less hurtful! It just means you're cruel and a coward. If you're gonna say something mean, be willing to defend your comment!

* burners......don't we just love being around people who are putting others down constantly? Especially when it's you they're putting down? All I find myself thinking is that they must think a lot of me if they have to put me down to bring me down to their gutter level.

ok, I'm done venting. Don't know where this wild hair came from. It could just be that I'm feeling a little cranky. The lung chunks I'm coughing up are fewer and farther between now. Maybe I'll be able to clench my bladder better now. I just love it when I've got lung chunks spewing out my mouth and pee dribbling down my legs! Party on!


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