Friday, March 11, 2005

Roommate from Mormon hell

As I have mentioned in previous posts we have a roommate that is a buttass-wipe. I'll call this loser Leland....only because...well...that's his name.

First some background: Butchy and I are renting a room and part of the basement from Jerry. We found him through the local MCC church. He not only opened his home to us he also helped us move our stuff in! He's wonderful. Already living in the home with Jerry was 2 other guys. (Eugene & Leland) Shortly after moving in Eugene showed his true-thieving-colors and was asked to leave. With him gone we figured all would be grand.

All was grand, until we realized that Leland never picks up after himself. This guy isn't a kid....he's over 35!! It's not like he just left home. He expects Jerry to wash any dishes he uses and us to clean the bathroom. There are only the 3 of us using the bathroom downstairs. He figures that he shouldn't have to clean the bathroom since he never uses the shower. Supposedly he uses the shower at the gym. He forgets about how he pees all over the walls, the toilet and even the garbage can next to the toilet!

We presented him with a deal.....we'd keep cleaning the bathroom and he would provide the toilet paper. Now only Butchy uses the tp.....I use baby wipes. He made a stink about how he only uses 3-ply tp and that it's too expensive for him to share it. So, we told him that he can start cleaning the bathroom then. Oh, no! That would mean he would have to pay a couple hundred dollars on cleaning products! Can you believe that shit?? I told him to go to W*M and spend $5 on a product that would clean and disinfect everything. That is beneath him, I guess. We're now on strike when it comes to cleaning up his pissy messes. What's sad is that it probably doesn't bother him one bit. What a pig! One good thing about him is that he does wash his hands after using the bathroom.....that's the ONLY good thing about him. He's not picky about what he uses to wipe his hands off. Recently he was using Butchy's bathtowel....that went over like a wet fart in church. He doesn't feel he should have to provide a towel for himself. After using up all our barsoap he now provides his own soap....little motel-sized bars. Cheap bastard.

Sometime in the near future I'll tell you all about his noseyness. Talk about a nosey-nessie!

He's the reason Butchy and I are now sick. He brought it home and it's the only thing he has ever shared with us. Noone ever taught the ass stain to cover his mouth when he coughs.

I know his Mormonism has nothing to do with his retardation......at least, I hope it doesn't!....I've known herds of wonderful Mormon families. None of them were as freaky as Leland. I'm thinking he's more dumbass-militia than family centered Mormon. Why does one guy need a case of 3-ply toilet paper?? Or 25 gallons of icecream?? Guy's a whacko!

I think I'm vented out now.......


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