Tuesday, March 15, 2005

File 13

The worst book ever written, aka: Outerbridge Reach is still sitting on our coffee table. Since I think that this is the WORST BOOK EVER WRITTEN why can't I just toss it in the garbage? I have issues.

There are certain items I have a really hard time throwing away. Obviously, books are on that list. Also, plants...even if they are dead! Much to Butchy's frustration magazines are on the list as well. They are just too much like books! She doesn't see the value in lugging my box of old magazines along when we move. Who knows, maybe they'll increase in value over time. I know....probably not. But but, but.....oh hell, I guess I'll have to toss my O's, Good Housekeepings, Rosies and Reader's Digests someday. For now I'm using the excuse that there are articles I need to keep for future reference and recipes I need to make. Whether I ever read those articles or make those recipes is NOT the point. They are there if I should ever want to!

It's genetic....my Mom cannot throw out yogurt, cottage cheese, margarine & sour cream containers. In her world, they are free Tupperware. We joke about my inheriting all her containers when she dies. Knowing me, if they came from Mom, they'll be priceless and will be in my cupboards right beside the Rubbermaid and Tupperware containers I currently have.

Hopefully Butchy will read this and will throw away that horrid book for me. I can't ask her to do it cuz then I'm perpetuating the tossing of a book.....that's a crime in my world! She has to make sure I'm not watching, though....I may feel the need to "rescue" that horrid awful book.

Such idiocy is my life.


Blogger ~Dawn declared....

Take the book to the park or better yet, the library and donate it. You now are charitable and decluttering. :D

3/16/2005 6:57 PM  
Blogger Pryncess Kat declared....

I wouldn't want to subject anyone else to the torture of reading this horrendous book. The garbage is the ONLY place for this piece of crap.

Trust me, it wouldn't be charity.....

3/16/2005 8:43 PM  
Blogger Melinda declared....

Funny! I also can't bring myself to throw away magazines, books, or even old Christmas and birthday cards. My husband holds onto plastic containers (margarine tubs, those bowls that Chinese take-out soup comes in, etc..) like he's a dying man and plastic containers are his lifeline. He also insists on packaging up leftovers no matter what, even if we hated the meal to begin with. Two weeks later, you KNOW I'm going to be the one cleaning that green fuzzy mess out of the fridge.

3/18/2005 7:33 AM  

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