Saturday, February 05, 2005

Spokane, City of Canyons and Craters

It is a mystery to me why the roads here are so hellacious! I swear there are potholes here big enough to swallow a school bus....well, the short bus, anyway. We live in the valley, now officially known as The City of Spokane Valley. There is a very clear line between Spokane and TCoSV....it's all in the potholes. The roads out here in the valley are sooooo much better than the crater pocked roads in town. One bit of advice if driving in Spokane: stick to the inside lane....the outside lane will rip your car and your back apart!

Hopefully we'll be back on the westside this time next year. We have something "in the works"....we'll see. We'll try to steer clear from being swallowed by a crater until then!


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