Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What others think about me.

I'm a ponderer. Never heard of one of those? All it means is that I enjoy pondering. My favorite time to ponder is when I'm driving. Before I discovered pondering I would pop in a cd and sing my way down the road. Never caring how I looked to other drivers. I'm one of those people that figures as long as I'm not hurting anyone who cares what people think about me. I'm not gonna waste my time living my life worried about what others think. That's one of the many issues I have pondered. What I came up with is that we tend to think that people have a lot of thoughts about us. The truth is that most people are more focused on their own stuff than they are on me. I'll be thinking that someone in the checkout line is admiring my hair, when actually she's totally distracted by my ass which happens to be bared cuz my hem is stuck in my waistband! See what I mean? You never know what people are thinking! Then there's the day I was looking good! I had created an outfit that was long shorts with a matching top. I was feeling mighty cute that day! Out running errands I could hear people making comments about my outfit....Oh yeah! I was in the cute zone! Before heading home I stopped by a friend's house. As she was working on her flower bed I sat on her steps. It struck me that I was feeling pretty cold. That's when I realized that I had been all over town showing Spokane my granny panties! The seam in my shorts was ripped from waist to crotch! So much for being in the cute zone. When I could finally ponder my day, I realized the seam had ripped out before I had even left home! I was getting laundry into the washing machine......bent over....felt something, but not thinking it was my seam letting loose I didn't give it another thought. How's that for an error in judgement? That's me, oh wise one! Again, I was wrong in what I thought others were thinking. I'm thinking I'm the cutest and they are commenting on my granny panties! You just can't assume you know what someone is thinking. Therefore, I don't waste time pondering other people's thoughts anymore. If I wanna know what someone is thinking I do something pretty drastic and daring....I ask them. I know, my courage is overwhelming you. It overwhelms me sometimes, too.

So, what are you thinking?


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