Tuesday, February 01, 2005

American Idol, the quest continues......

We just finished watching AI. We are total AI aficionados *a fancy word for freaks!* It amazes me that the ones that are "destined" to be a singer are 99.9999999999% of the time worse than a cat in heat! Our cat Geeg could actually carry a tune during her caterwauling much better than those that are "destined" to be singers. I find myself continuously wondering if these people can hear the screeching coming out of their mouths. These vocally-challenged folks should go back to Hooterville and beat their friends and family members asses! You know that their friends and family members were telling them, "That was great BillyJimBobbyLou you sound just like Elvis!" Of course BJBL is thinking THE KING and not remembering that Elvis was the name of the pig that won a blue ribbon at the county fair. BJBL happily goes back to munching on Elvis' bbq'd rib thinking that he's all that and a side of greens. We are then "destined" to hear him prove to the world that his friends are evil and must be destroyed.

One gal was talking about how much her own voice impresses her....she was saying she finds herself wondering if that voice was coming out of her or from somewhere else. After hearing her attempt to impersonate an angry baboon I know where that voice came from. Her ass! I bet her farts sound better than what we heard come out of her mouth tonight!

Ok...I'm now distracted by Amazing Race. I look at Adam's Hellboy hairstyle and I want to use those stupid ponytails as handles. I'll grab hold of one in each hand and slam his face into concrete. I know, that's a pretty violent reaction to a hairstyle, but it's on Whiney-Boy-Adam's head....therefore I must use his face to test the concrete. I'll just have to do it hard enough so that he's knocked into LaLa Land and can't utter one whiny sound. His nasal voice drives me up the wall. This chubby-bubby- butt up a wall is not a pretty picture....it's also very uncomfortable, I think I have a cobweb stuck in my bowheiney.

I think that's about enough out of me.


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